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Stress Relief: Faith

A guide for mindfulness and relaxation

Spiritual and Faith Services

This page provides online access to spiritual and faith based services, such as Churches, Temples, Mosques, etc., which are located in Greenwood and neighboring communities.

Houses of Worship: Online Services

Greenwood Baptist Church



Lakeview Baptist Church



North Side Baptist Church

Website Vimeo

Rice Memorial Baptist Church


Siloam Baptist Church 

Website Facebook

South Main Baptist Church





Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Website YouTube
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Website Facebook  


Greenwood Lutheran Church Website Facebook

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Website Facebook Sunday 11:00 AM on 92.9 FM


Allen Chapel AME Church Facebook YouTube
Bailey Bethel AME Church Facebook
Harris United Methodist Church              Facebook
Main Street United Methodist Church Website Facebook Vimeo
Old Field Bethel AME Church Facebook
St. Mark United Methodist Church Website Facebook YouTube
St. Paul AME Church Facebook  


Holy Redeemer Faith Church, Look up and Live Ministries Facebook
NewSpring Church Website


Ninety Six Pentecostal Holiness Church Website YouTube
Providence Pentecostal Holiness Church Facebook


First Presbyterian Website Facebook YouTube
Rock Presbyterian Church Website Facebook
Westminster Presbyterian Church Website Facebook YouTube


Did you know...

As part of the History and Philosophy course of study, Lander University offers a Religion Minor. The minor provides studies in the primary texts, histories, and founders of all of the world’s major religions, with a focus on the comparative study of religion and the Judeo-Christian tradition. For more information on course requirements please click here to see the program requirements.