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Library Staff: Staff


 Lisa Wiecki
Director of Library Services
 Office: JL 214
 Phone: 864-388-8043
Subject Specialties: Art and Music

 April Akins
Teaching and Learning Librarian
 Office: JL 215A
 Phone: 864-388-8184
Subject Specialties: Biology, Math and Computing, Physical Education and Exercise Studies, Physical Sciences, and Nursing

Casey Anthony
Discovery Librarian
Office: JL 215

Phone: 864-388-8191
Subject Specialties: TBA


 David Mash
 Associate Director of Library Services
(Archives & Special Collections)
 Office: JL 215D
 Phone: 864-388-8046
Subject Specialties: Business, Criminology, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

 Jean Thrift
 User Experience (UX) Librarian
 Office: JL 234A
 Phone: 864-388-8262
Subject Specialties: Teacher Education, Mass Communications and Media Studies, English, Foreign Languages, and Theatre

Library Staff

  Trish Clark
‚Äč  Library Specialist - Administrative Support and Cataloging
  Office: JL 215
  Phone: 864-388-8255



  Russ Fitzgerald
  Library Specialist - Cataloging and Acquisitions
Office: JL 215
Phone: 864-388-8188





  Grant Stone
  Library Services Assistant
Office: JL 215
Phone: 864-388-8121