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Nursing: EBP Scholarly Articles

What is an EBP Article?

EBP (Evidenced-Based Practice) uses research, clinical observation, and the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions in healthcare settings. EBP scholarly articles use research to analyze and discuss clinical practice, patient outcomes, and the work environment. 

Types of Reasearch

Quantitative Research

For quantitative studies the researchers are trying to measure something with as much precision and accuracy as possible. They will give statistical results, be objective, and may rely on larger randomly selected groups. They may use questionnaires and surveys as well, but are looking to specifically measure something.

Look for the words: Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), empiric(al) research, logistic regression models, prediction, etc.

When searching you may want to include the search terms “quantitative research” or “Randomized Controlled Trials”


Qualitative Research

For qualitative studies look out for surveys and interviews which examine people’s written/verbal responses, activities, and behaviors. They usually ask an open-ended question which cannot be precisely measured. Generally, analyses will not be examining exact statistical outcomes, but trying to “make-sense” of the results.

Look for the words: Interview, Outcome Assessment Methods, reflect, transcription, observation, questionnaire, self-perceived, narrative, etc.

When searching you may want to include the search terms “qualitative research” or “thematic analysis”


Other types of research

  • Primary research: For scientific publications, this is original research. This includes qualitative and quantitative research. For non-scientific publications this can include photographs, interviews, journal entries, newspaper articles in which the author was witness to what they are discussing. 


  • Secondary research: This type of research involves using existing data to create an analysis or review. Secondary sources also include periodicals (including newspapers), biographies, reviews and criticism, and more.


  • Tertiary sources: dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, databases. 


  • Meta analysis: This is research which analyzes many different studies on a subject, and discusses the outcomes and trends. This is a type of secondary research.


  • Systematic review: Also secondary research, a systematic review analyzes empirical data to answer a defined question.

Types of Scientific Articles

Remember to look for peer reviewed articles when asked. Can't remember what peer reviewed means? Check out this short video about peer reviewed articles.