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English and Literature : Finding Books

Bearcat Search: Library Catalog



How to use Lander's library catalog

Searching for Books

Bearcat Search allows you to search for print books and eBooks available through our library. You can enter keywords, author names, titles, or subjects into the search box.

Finding Print Books

Each print book has a unique call number that determines where the book is shelved in our library. The call number for As I Lay Dying is: PS3511.A86 A86313

  • PS (First you find the P's. They will be arranged alphabetically: P's, PA's, PB's, etc., so you'll look for the PS's.)
  • 3511 (The PS's will be arranged numerically: PS1, PS2, PS3, etc, so you'll find PS 3511.)
  • .A86 (There will be many PS 3511's arranged side-by-side. They will be arranged alphabetically: PS 3511 A, PS 3511 B, etc., so you'll want to find the PS 3511 A's.)
  • A86313 (The PS 3511 A's will be arranged numerically: PS 3511 A1, PS 3511 A2, PS 3511 A3, etc, so you'll want PS 3511 A86313. The last number set is a decimal. That is, PS 3511 A86313 will come before PS 3511 A9, because .86313 is a decimal instead of a whole number.


For help finding books or their location, please ask a library staff member, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Search tip

To search for books on criticism or scholarship about a specific author or period:

Use Bearcat Advanced Search, change Any field to Subject, and enter your search terms.

Course reserves

In some instances, your professor may place a book or DVD on course reserve, so that everyone in your class has equal access to the item.

Course reserves are kept behind the circulation desk and may be requested from a staff member at the front desk.