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English 102: English 102 - Finding Print and Online Resources

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AND/OR/NOT for keyword searching

Use AND between keywords to narrow your search.

Example: pirates AND sea

Use OR between keywords to expand your search.

Example: (pirates OR piracy) AND (sea OR maritime)

Use NOT between keywords to exclude irrelevant results from your search.

Example: (pirates OR piracy) NOT copyright

Recommended article databases

Tip! Some databases include abstract-only records. These look like the other article records, but you won't see any link to read the full text. You can request the full text of articles for free.

eBook Collections

Films database

Current News Access

WDYK (What Do You Know)

Citation resources

Tip! The citations you can copy from EBSCOhost almost always have the wrong formatting, ex. capitalization. Be sure to correct those if you use them.

Picking a Topic

What does "peer reviewed" article mean?

NCSU Libraries, 2014

How to read a scholarly (peer reviewed) article

Video borrowed from Western Libraries.