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ART 205: Art 205

ART 205

This course guide is for ART 205. Please refer to the resources here when beginning your course work. 

Search for Books



Find Print Books

Search on the top floor for art books in the following locations:

‚ÄčN9-NX805 Fine Arts

You can also search the catalog by artist or movement. 

Search Online Databases

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Browse Reputable Art Websites

Below are some great museum websites that you can find artist and movement information as well as examples of artists' work:

WDYK (What Do You Know 2)

Browse Artists and Movements

Below are site dedicated to specific art movements from Museum websites. These will help expand your knowledge of the movements and some link to artists within those movements.

Art Nouveau Met Museum | Tate
De Stijl Guggenheim | MOMA | MOMA catalog | Tate
Cubism Guggenheim | MOMA | Tate

Expressionism Guggenheim | MOMA |