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Tips for Searching the Library Catalog

Searching for Books

The Online Catalog allows you to search for books in our library.  You can search by Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword.  

If you wanted to search for books in our library about a certain art movement, you could:

If you wanted to find Hasselblad Award winning photographers, you could:

If you wanted to find all the books that the library holds by a certain author, you could

If you wanted to see if our library owned a copy of a specific item, you could:

Finding Books

Each book has a unique call number that determines where the book is in our library.  The call number for Meggs' history of graphic design is:   Z246 .M43 2006  The call number is the book's address.  You will match up the call number with the label on the spine of the item you wish to retrieve.

  • Z (First you find the Ps.  They will be arranged alphabetically--Zs, ZAs, ZBs, etc., so you'll look for the Zs)
  • 246 (The PNs will be arranged numerically--Z1, Z2, Z3, etc, so you'll find Z 246)
  • .M43 The third line is a combination of a letter and numbers.  Read the letter alphabetically and read the number as a decimal.
  • 2006  Dates, volume and issue numbers, copy numbers, and other annotations are shelved by basic alphabetization (numbers alone come before letters).

For help finding books or their location, please ask a staff member; and we'll be happy to assist you.

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