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Mission: Home

Our Vision and Mission


We look to create enduring partnerships that yield literate information seekers and knowledge creators prepared for a future of continued discovery and learning. 


We are a campus cornerstone, offering inclusive and inspired information services and resources.

Strategic Directions and Goals

Directions Goals

Diversify information literacy instruction offerings

We will deliver IL instruction in a multitude of ways to ensure that we reach our users and enhance their information seeking behavior.

  1. Evolve library IL instruction spaces.
  2. Partner, customize and deliver specialized instruction.
  3. Create opportunities for users to seek IL enrichment on their own.

Optimize the experience of our users

We will take time to learn more about the needs of library users so we can better our services and advance their success at Lander.

  1. Spearhead affordable learning education efforts.
  2. Prioritize universal design and accessibility.
  3. Engage in user research studies to inform service design.

Bolster research activities through enhanced discovery and access to information resources

We will look for the right tools and resources that will simplify the discovery process and hasten scholarly production.

  1. Provide relevant collections in diverse formats.
  2. Collect and preserve enduring media.
  3. Leverage consortium-wide holdings.
  4. Increase exploration of resources by investing in digital discovery tools.

Deliver focused and deliberate support to online, distance and graduate programs

We will provide equitable access to services and resources to our users wherever they are.

  1. Establish model of dedicated support.
  2. Ensure comparable IL instruction offerings.
  3. Offer robust collection of information resources.

Grow in how we work

We will position our team for development and growth opportunities in order to be creative and flexible when serving our campus community and beyond.

  1. Strengthen presence on campus and professional committees.
  2. Develop knowledge management repositories.
  3. Transform office space and workflows.
  4. Invest in the development of new skills.

Director of Library Services

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Lisa Wiecki
Feel free to contact me with your questions. If I am not available don't hesitate to work with another research librarian.