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Library Help: Navigating the Library


You may find some terms used in the Jackson Library unfamiliar. The following list will help you navigate the library and its services.

Book Displays
On each floor there are book displays that highlight books from the library's collection. The displays are generally set up around a common theme.

Call Number
A call number consists of a series of letters, numbers or symbols that identifies an individual book or material and shows the order in which the item is stored on a shelf or in a collection of materials. The call number label is usually located on the spine of a book.

Check Out
In order to borrow a book from the library for a certain period of time, you must take the book to the service desk and have it checked out with your student ID card or Lander Mobile digital ID. Students are able to borrow materials for the length of the semester.

Materials that you are able to check out from the library collection.

A database is a file or collection of bibliographic citations, data, full-text materials, or records of materials stored electronically in a manner that can be retrieved and manipulated. The three main database vendors the library uses are EBSCO, GALE, and JSTOR.

Database Access
Restricted library electronic resources can be used by students, faculty, and staff from any computer. When accessing our electronic resources, you will need to log in with your last name and L number (include the L).

Due Date
The due date is the date by which library materials on loan should be returned or renewed. Materials can be checked out for the entire semester.

Full Text
In some of the databases you will have electronic access to the full text of the article, meaning you will be able to access the entire article.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
If you find an article or book that is currently not in our collection, you can request to get the materials through interlibrary loan free of charge.

Library Catalog
The Library Catalog is a listing all the materials such as books and periodicals owned by the Jackson Library. Records in the listing provide information about these items such as author, title, subject, call number, publication date, location, and availability.

Library Instruction
Library instruction usually consists of a lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. It is a service provided by librarians to teach students how to use the library's resources. These sessions are scheduled by professors.

Jackson Library is part of a consortium of academic libraries in South Carolina that allows you to access books that are located in other colleges and universities within the state through the PASCAL delivers program.

Peer Review Process (Article and Journal)
The peer review process is a method used by scholarly journals to assure the quality and relevance of the articles they publish. When articles are submitted, the editor sends copies to reviewers who are experts in the subject of the article. Reviewers read the article and offer an opinion on whether it is worthy of publication in the journal, whether the author shows adequate knowledge of the research on the subject to date, and whether the article adds to knowledge in the field. If selected the article will be considered a peer reviewed (referred) article and published in a peer reviewed journal.

Reference Assistance
Reference assistance is where you receive in-depth assistance from librarians for your library research.

Subject Guide
A subject guide is created for each discipline to give you guidance with your research. Use the Subject Guides tab on the library's main page to access the guide for a specific subject area you may be studying.


You may not be familiar locations within the library. Here is a list of locations with descriptions of what materials are located in each area.

Designated special collections that houses historical materials. These materials can be used within the library's designated archives rooms.There are 3 archives within the Jackson Library. The Rare Books and Special Collections is located on the top floor inside the Self Family Foundation Archives. The Self Family Foundation Archives is located in the back of the Green Room on the top floor. The Lander University Archives is located on the top floor near the elevator.

Library Instruction Computer Lab
The library's instruction computer lab is on the main floor. This is a quiet computer lab that is used for library instruction sessions and can be used by students when there is no class scheduled.

The DVDs are located on the main floor of the library for easy browsing.

Government Documents
Jackson Library is both a Federal and State Depository for government documents. The government documents are located on the main floor.

Green Room
Children's Materials are available in the Green Room. The Green Room is located on the top floor.

Individual and Group Study Rooms
Jackson Library has a variety of study spaces including group/individual study rooms that you can reserve using the Book A Room feature on our website or by scanning the QR code on the door to the room. These are located on both floors.

Library Lobby
The lobby is the area on the main floor when you enter from the plaza. Within the lobby you will find the service desk, the printer, and copier.

Microfilm and Microfilm Readers
Microfilm is located on the main floor near the DVDs. The readers for the microfilm are just around the corner from the DVDs.

Periodicals (Bound and Popular)
Periodicals include journals, magazines, and newspapers. The library has a collection of bound periodicals, which include back issues of journals and magazines. There is a collection of popular periodicals that can be easily browsed. All periodicals are located on the main floor.

Reference Collection
The reference collection consists of materials used frequently for general information. It includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other materials. These materials may not be checked out of the library. The reference collection can be found on the main floor.

Reading Room
There are a variety of seating options in the Jackson Library for quiet study that are located in the main reading room which is located on the main floor.

Materials set aside by professors for required reading, viewing, or listening by students as part of their coursework. All reserve materials such as books, DVDs and CDs can be borrowed by users with an in-library use only restriction and for a set period of time. Reserves are located at the service desk.

Service Desk
The service desk is the place to check out and return library materials, request reference assistance, and ask questions about library services.

The shelves that hold the circulating library books are referred to as the 'stacks'. A user will need a call number, the number listed both in the book’s record in the Library Catalog and on the spine of the book itself, to locate the volume in the stacks. The stacks are located on the top floor.

The Loft
The Loft is a collaborative space for students to work in groups or individual in an open space. The Loft is located on the top floor.