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Donating materials

Library Services is unable to accept and process large donations at this time. Small donations of 1-10 books will be accepted. Our Archives are still accepting archival memorabilia and photographs.

Donating to the archives

If you are interested in donating to the Lander University Archives, please contact Dr. David Mash, at

Information for materials donations

Thank you for your interest in donating materials to Library Services at Lander University. We appreciate your gifts that add value and depth to the library’s collections and support the instructional and research programs of Lander University. 

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that only appropriate items will be added to the library’s collection. No appraisal of gift items is provided; however, a written acknowledgement of gifts will be sent to the address provided. All gifts are final and are the exclusive property of Lander University. They are thereby subject to all Jackson Library policies and procedures. Gifts, if added, will be incorporated within the library’s collection and book plates will be added to recognize the donor or the memorial.

Priority is given to materials related to course offerings represented in the academic catalog. The library also maintains a core collection of liberal arts resources in subjects beyond the topics taught on campus. Limited supplemental holdings are also provided to encourage cultural, general information, and recreational reading. In addition, the library collects items that relate to Lander University, the city of Greenwood, the region around Greenwood, and the state of South Carolina. Other items will be handled according to Library Services policies and procedures without notification to the donor.

Further considerations for donating books and other materials:

  • Physical Condition: To safeguard existing library collections, library personnel will evaluate gifts for their physical condition. Moldy and otherwise damaged materials will not be added to the collection.
  • Duplication: The majority of duplications will be not be added to the collection. Non-circulating titles will be added to the collection in the location where they best serve the needs of the patrons of Library Services.
  • Unsustainable Items: Items which the library is unable or unqualified to maintain or items which present a financial strain due to conservation or preservation needs will not be added to the collection.
  • Resource Allocations: Items which may require a large amount of space for storage or additional security measures will not be added to the collection.