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Voting: How to Register

Information on registering and voting in elections in South Carolina.

Registration deadlines in South Carolina

Voter registration deadline: 30 days before Election Day. Day-of election registration is NOT available. 

TBA Statewide General Election registration deadlines:

TBA, 5 PM to register to vote in-person.

TBA, 11:59 PM to register to vote online or by fax or email.

TBA, Postmarked by this date to register to vote by mail.

Absentee ballot deadlines:

Requested by: TBA

Ballot returned by: TBA, 7 PM. By mail or personal delivery. Military: TBA, 5 PM.

Early voting deadlines:

Early voting begins: TBA, 8:30 AM.

Early voting ends: TBA, 6 PM


View the Elections Calendars at SCVotes


Who can vote?

Please visit South Carolina Voter Registration Information for information on who is eligible to vote in South Carolina.

Check your South Carolina voter registration Status

If you need to check your registration in another state visit Can I Vote

South Carolina does NOT automatically register voters, nor does the state allow same-day registration. 


Register online

You can online register to vote in South Carolina at SCVotes.

To register to vote in another state visit


Register by mail

South Carolina residents can register by mail, email, or fax, by filling out this voter registration form.

Find your county board of voter registration and send the form to the address or number provided.


Out-of-State Voting

For more information on voting registration and deadlines in states other than South Carolina, please visit


Register in-person

"South Carolina residents can visit their county board of voter registration and register in person. You can also register while receiving services at various state agencies including the Department of Motor Vehicles. See a complete list of agencies providing voter registration under the National Voter Registration Act." (SC State Election Commission, 2019)


"Students may register to vote where they reside while attending college.  This could be at an address in the college community (e.g., a dormitory) or at an address you intend to return to while not in the college community (e.g., family home).  For guidance in determining what residence to claim for voter registration purposes, see S.C. Code of Laws Section 7-1-25.

Many college students who live on campus receive their mail at a campus post office box.  These students must register at the physical address of their dormitory.  The student's P.O. Box can be provided for mailing and contact purposes." (SC State Election Commission, 2019)


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