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CHEM 221 & CHEM 222: CHEM 221/222

Databases, website links, and citation style guide found on this page were suggested by your lab instructor to assist you with your assignments. There are a few videos about the research process that you might helpful. The flow of this guide is to utilize the first column from top to bottom and then move to the second column. 

Links for Course Related Materials

Tools for Structural Formula Drawing

Websites to Explore

Your lab instructor recommends you begin your research using the Sigma-Aldrich (Millipore Sigma) catalog. The following suggested websites are helpful for gathering physical properties and hazards.

From Ideas to Libraries

NCSU Libraries, 2013

Databases to Explore

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

From the NCSU Libraries

For tutorials for navigating library resources, please review our Help Tutorials.

Bearcat Search: Articles



Not every database will appear in your search results. Be sure to check out our standalone databases too.

Need Additional Resources

Needing more book resources, check out our Request Books page.

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ACS Citation Style Guide