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CHEM 198: CHEM 198

WDYK (What Do You Know)

Sample Class Topic

Sample Research Topic: Photosynthesis

Locating a Citation:

  • Moscatello, S., Proietti, S., Augusti, A., Scartazza, A., Walker, R. P., Famiani, F., & Battistelli, A. (2017). Late summer photosynthesis and storage carbohydrates in walnut (Juglans regia L.): Feed-back and feed-forward effects. Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, 118618-626.
  • Wyber, R., Malenovský, Z., Ashcroft, M. B., Osmond, B., & Robinson, S. A. (2017). Do Daily and Seasonal Trends in Leaf Solar Induced Fluorescence Reflect Changes in Photosynthesis, Growth or Light Exposure?. Remote Sensing, 9(6), 1-19. 

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