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PSYC 260: PSYC 260

WDYK (What Do You Know)

Database Searching Strategies

Database Searching ≠ Google Searching. 

Use the following strategies to effectively search academic databases.

  • Formulate a specific research question.
    • Narrow your topic to a specific question to focus your results.
  • Generate basic search terms.
    • Use the thesaurus.
  • Use boolean operators.
    • AND, OR, NOT
  • Limit and expand your search terms.
    • Use quotes, asterisk, and "apply related words."
  • Use search limiters.
    • Peer Reviewed, Age Group, Population Group
  • Use date restrictions.
    • Narrow publication date range.
  • Find related research using "cited references" or "times cited in the database."
    • cited references: those citations included in the bibliography of the work being reviewed.
    • times cited in the database: publications that cite the work being reviewed found in the database.
  • Search for author's other research.
    • Find other work by the same author helps find trends in the research.

Topic for Class

Stereotypes of Transgender Men and Women

Suggested Databases

Quick Reference Guide for PsycINFO

Want to find other ways to search within PsycINFO? Check out the Quick Reference Guide.

Google Scholar