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Mass Communication: Mass Communication

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Tips for searching the library catalog

Searching for books

The catalog allows you to search for books by Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword.  

If you wanted books on ethics in journalism, you could run a:

If you wanted books by a certain author, you could run an:

Author Search: Cronkite, Walter

If you wanted a specific book, you could run a:

Title Search: The pen and the sword : press, war, and terror in the 21st century

Locating books on the shelf

Every library book has a unique call number, ex. The pen and the sword : press, war, and terror in the 21st century's call number is PN4784.T45 E96 2010. This is the book's physical address. You match up the call number in the catalog with the label on the spine of the book you wish to retrieve.

  • PN (First you find the P's. They will be arranged alphabetically: PAs, PBs, etc., so you'll look for the PNs)
  • 4784 (The PNs will be arranged numerically: PN1, PN2, PN3, etc, so you'll find PN4784)
  • Proceed in alphabetical/numerical order through the rest of the call # until you reach the book on the self.

Browse our book collection

Our circulating book collection is on the top floor of the library. Browse the below call # sections to see topics in mass communication.

PN1990-1992.92 Broadcasting

  • PN1991-1991.9 Radio broadcasts
  • PN1992-1992.92 Television broadcasts

PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.

  • PN4735-4748 Relation to the state. Government and the press. Liberty of the press.
  • PN4775-4784 Technique. Practical journalism
  • PN4825-4830 Amateur journalism



Suggested research databases

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Current News Access

WDYK (What Do You Know 3)

AP Style Guide (Associated Press)

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