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Fees: Fees


A registration hold will be placed on all outstanding library accounts. This will prevent the registration of and withdrawal from any classes as well as prevent any transcripts or diplomas from being issued until all fees are paid in full. To avoid fines borrowers should keep close track of due dates and be certain to have a current address on file with the Library and the Registrar's Office so that notices can be delivered promptly. Failure to receive notices is not sufficient grounds for canceling library charges.

Accumulation of long overdue items will result in suspension of borrowing privileges until the patron's record is cleared. Borrowers are responsible for monitoring their own accounts for fines and can do so directly in My Library Account.

Lost Material Fees

All borrowers are subject to a $100 minimum lost material fee assessed for all items not returned. The fee includes cost of material and physical processing. If the replacement cost is more than the minimum, the borrower may have to pay a higher fee.

*Refunds for replacement fees will only be issued within thirty (30) days of the original payment if lost materials are found.